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With the sea as its closest neighbour

and sunsets beautiful beyond description, Nothaugen Camping is simply out of the ordinary.

Situated in Aure, Nordmøre, between the cities of Trondheim and Kristiansund, in a quiet environment, well connected to the outside world.

Enjoy a life of active recreation by the sea and the mountains.

The sunny camping grounds lie on the upper side of highway 680 at Sørvågen on Vinsternes with a wonderful view westwards towards Trondheimsleia and Smøla.  It enjoys the early morning sun and a spectacular sunset during midnight in the midsummer.

The terrain around the cabin plots is ideal for nature activities in the summer and winter. It is close to the sea and to the marina, and you can even go eastwards into the woods to discover mountains with lakes. Nordmøre and Aure are locally known for fjords and mountains, and not many outsiders know this.  Here, you have the opportunity to experience a unique and sheltered archipelago, where you can fish in open water and be neighbours with mountains and lakes.

All camping plots are connected by roads and each plot has its own parking, plumbing, electricity and water.


Nothaugen Camping is located at Vinsternes on Ertvågøya in Aure Municipality. Only 2 hours and 15 minutes from Trondheim, and 1 hour from Kristiansund.

On the other side of Nothaugen Camp, we have a kiosk, playground, boats, hot tub, etc. We also organise various events during the year (bonfires, pub evenings and meat pie sales). There are exercise classes at Høvikfjellet and a sports club. Hiking is great in the summer and winter with several ski lodges.

The Marina

Nothaugen Marina

was provided by Marina Solution in the summer of 2013. The marina is of high standard and is built in concrete. The guest harbour has water and electricity, and have shared bathrooms with showers and toilets.

The Marina will be expanded as needed with new and approved plans.

Campsite & Lodging


In various sizes, with and without ensuite toilet/bathroom. The largest cabin has three bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen with dishwasher and a living room.

Aerial photo of the cabins

Please get in touch on email or call +47 918 87 007 for questions.


The sanitation facility was completely renovated in 2008 and is of high standard, here are 3 showers, kitchen, laundry room with washer and dryer.

There is also a kiosk in the square. This serves as reception area and has a selection of basic grocery items and ice cream, soda, candy and some light refreshments.

We have concrete spaces available for those who want to stand firm with their caravans.

Caravans, RVs and tents

The available facilities include; shared bathroom with showers, toilets, kitchen, power outlets and facilities for emptying toilets/cassettes.

Fishing & Boat Rental


Be practically in the middle of dinner plate, close to the best fishing spots.

Catch a saithe, cod, haddock, ling, mackerel, herring or troll for a salmon.

Two of our boats are equipped with sonar and electronic maps, making fishing trips easier and even more exciting. By the floating pier is the gutting bench and we also have opportunities to freeze your catch.

Boat Rental

from 14-15 feet, made of glass fiber and have a 9.9 hp engine, without sonar.

Boats from 17 feet and above are made by Kværnø in aluminum, all equipped with GPS and sonar, with engines from 40 to 50 horsepower. Built from 2008 to 2014.

Life jackets are included in the rental boats.

Contact by email: or call 91887007 for renting boats.


Go for a hike to meet the neighbours: The mountains, sea, lakes, and forests.


If you choose to go on a tour, there are hiking trails here in the great Nordmøre nature. We recommend a trip on Hovik mountain with great views of the fairway. There you can see Hitra from the north, Smøla in west and further south, Tustna with Tustnastabbene. On clear days you can see right out to Grip. Another attraction of the tour is Skortkjerringa, which is a rock that resembles a woman with a headscarf. If you are lucky you will also see eagles up close.


Vinsternesvatnet is a large freshwater lake not far from the campsite. Here it is nice to have a little evening stroll.

We also recommend a trip to Imarbu. It has a cabin run by the Norwegian Trekking Association.

Around the island are also many fine beaches and sheltered bays, where you can enjoy yourselves around a campfire or take a swim during hot days.

Day trips

Within a few hours drive from Nothaugen you can find some of Norways most awe-inspiring sights and vistas, from Geirangerfjorden to the Atlantic Sea Road, Eikesdalfossen to Trollveggen, the highest vertical rockface in northern Europe.